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As Mayor of Tumwater I will continue to prioritize:

Fighting Climate Change, Protecting the Environment, and Promoting Sustainable Growth

We need to continue helping local businesses and residential areas grow in a sustainable manner that protects our environment and preserves our natural resources. We need to be committed to fighting climate change so that we can keep our environment healthy and ensure our natural resources remain abundant. By protecting the environment and promoting sustainable growth, we ensure that Tumwater can remain a beautiful city for our residents to enjoy for generations to come. 

Advocating for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Respect for ALL Community Members

We need to connect our citizens with the resources and services they need to thrive, not just survive. We need to ensure that our community has safety nets in place for at-risk populations so that our residents do not fall into houselessness or poverty when times get tough. We need to lift up our neighbors and ensure that everyone in Tumwater feels safe, included, and heard, regardless of their race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic status or political party. We can only thrive and prosper when EVERYONE feels welcome and EVERYONE has a seat at the table. Unity is key. By advocating for disenfranchised communities, giving a voice to everyone in our city, and providing resources for those who need them most, we ensure that Tumwater remains a tight-knit community with safer, healthier, and happier neighbors.

Recruiting and Retaining Local Businesses 

We need to recruit and retain local businesses that continue to give back to our city through community partnerships and increased revenue. We have been able to retain the business of the Toyota of Olympia Dealership since 2017 and have seen businesses in the area grow with the subsequent expansion of Tyee Drive and Israel Road. We have the opportunity to preserve and redevelop the Historic Brewery Property which could continue to increase job growth in our city. By recruiting and retaining local businesses, we ensure that Tumwater will continue to be a vibrant city with a strong local economy. 

Improving Public Transportation and Local Infrastructure

We need to improve public transportation and local infrastructure so that the various employees of state offices and local businesses in our city have safe and reliable transportation options. By maintaining, improving, and expanding roads, bridges and public transportation routes, we ensure that people can safely and efficiently travel in and out of the city to do business and return home.

Committee to Elect Debbie Sullivan
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